What’s in a name?

To stay alive, to physically function, and to maintain optimal health, the body perpetually seeks homeostasis – that is balance within the body. In our modern culture, which tends to oscillate between so many extremes, it can be no small feat to find what will best support you, the individual, when it comes to being proactive and preventive in your health care. So much conflicting information, challenges to one’s own lived experiences, and no small amount of fear often muddies the waters when anyone attempts to navigate the channels that lay before them in simply trying to live a healthier, happier life.

How about changing the negative paradigm of dis-ease? How about creating the space and the time needed when it comes to matters of self care? How about not letting what ails us define us, because it is not who we truly are at our core? Often times the truth or heart of a matter lies somewhere in the middle of extremes, and so finding a balance in any aspect of your life can help to encourage more of the same. It sounds nice, but it can feel far easier said than achieved. We can all use a helping hand now and then and that is ok, because there is no one right answer, there is no one magic pill, and there is no cookie-cutter model. But if we learn to feel confident and empowered in taking care of ourselves, if we find strength and support when we need it, not only do we find more fulfillment in our own lives, but this can inspire and motivate us to help take better care of our loved ones, our communities, and even our planet.

So what is in a name? Are you suffering a named illness? Are you ill but don’t know what or why? Are you well but seeking a new direction? Are you on a quest for meaning? Are you “natural”, or “organic”, or “paleo”? Perhaps you grew up on herbal roots your grandmother lovingly wild harvested from her backyard, or spoonfuls of cod liver oil? Every day we choose to define ourselves within the limitations of words and the stories we tell – so you must choose your words wisely because it is your story and yours alone that you get to live.

Middle Path Nutrition and Wellness Center in Canton was founded as a guidepost for the community in order to help facilitate finding your healthy balance in today’s busy world. The name was chosen with utmost intention, because every-body deserves nurturing balance.

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