At Middle Path Nutrition and Wellness Center we believe in

  • Holism: That we are all more than the sum total of our parts and caring for our health should be respected accordingly.
  • The Body’s Innate Intelligence: The body seeks homeostasis, so by working with the body to find balance for our own individual needs we can support our body’s efforts to be well.
  • Balance: A key factor to well being is finding the middle path between extremes and between the overload of choices available to us.
  • Individuality: No two people are the same, so the journey towards resilient health must be catered towards the unique individual that you are.
  • Sharing: Knowledge is only powerful if it is disseminated and effectively utilized to achieve visible outcome.
  • Conscientious Customer Service: In a fast paced world, taking the time to form a real human connection is made all the more significant.
  • Quality: Products and services should be selected and provided with utmost care in mind of its source, manufacturing, delivery, and ingredients.
  • Stewardship: Our bodies are the microcosm of the living-planet macrocosm. The health of our ecosystems relates to the health of the body and mind and vice versa. Good stewardship is a necessity of both our external and internal environments.
  • Integrity: Honesty and trust will follow naturally from integrity. The integrity of our mission guides all that we do and provide as a business, the honesty in which we approach our customers, and the trust we seek to build within our community.