Ellen Selm – Wholistic Nutrition and Herbal Coach

Ellen became fascinated by holistic approaches to healing when she was just 16 years old, after reading a book about natural medicine for pets written by a prominent veterinarian. Reading the book created an “a-Ha!” moment upon realizing how the basis of good nutrition and supportive herbs and therapies apply just as much to humans as it could to our pets. At 18 Ellen decided to adopt a fully plant-based diet, but wanted to ensure she did it correctly, healthfully, and didn’t suffer from lack of understanding proper nutritional needs. This began her pursuit into rigorous self study of nutrition.

Ellen later enrolled in a distance learning program focusing on Holistic Nutrition with an added focus on Traditional Herbalism, granting more structure to the studying she had already been pursuing. Ellen began working within the natural health and wellness industry in 2007, since then she has worked in both small, independently owned ventures, as well as well known, large, national corporate chains – these environments allowed her to put her knowledge to good use in working directly with individuals to tailor their supplement regimens to their specific health needs. Additionally Ellen has headed up community 30-day nutrition challenge programs, taught classes on the job, at public libraries, as well as now in her own business – on a variety of topics pertaining to holistic heath approaches for immune support, stress management, women’s health, foundational nutrition, healthy diet planning, ethical wildcrafting and medicine making with locally sourced herbs, and more!

Because Ellen feels passionately that a healthy community starts with the individual, as one of the many great services offered at Middle Path Nutrition and Wellness Center, Ellen is available for personalized nutrition and herbal guides and coaching.

What the service entails –

Ellen will perform a detailed, 1 hour consult interview with you in order to learn your health goals, challenges and preferences. Then, utilizing the information you’ve provided she will craft a personally tailored take-home guidebook for you which includes:

– A copy of your interview (which helped determine the references in the booklet), with helpful notes and tips added in liner notes.
– Lists of the top herbs and/or foods suggested for you to try and incorporate for meeting your health goals.
– Educational information sheets about each of those herbs and foods and why they’re important for you.
– Recipes containing one or more of each of said recommended herbs and foods so you can begin incorporating them into your health routine.
– A “Recommended Reading” list for further self-education should you so choose.

Because the guidebook is tailored to you, this service is like getting to have your own personal nutrition coach right at home with you, ready for reference any time you need it!

Additionally, the guidebook is expandable, so if you ever feel the need to continue on the nutritional journey and wish to seek further guidance and recipe suggestions suited to your needs, followup sessions are offered at a reduced rate.

1st Time Session = Interview plus Personalized Guidebook – $60.00
Follow Up Sessions = Plan adjustments and guidebook additions – $45.00

You can schedule an appointment by emailing middlepathwellnesscenter@gmail.com
Or calling the shop at (828) 492-1211

Covid Safety Information:
Consultations can take place via phone if clients prefer.
If conducted in person we will observe mask rules and 6+ feet distancing.

Here’s some feedback of what one happy client has had to say about this new service so far:
“I like to keep busy, but with this pandemic going on I’ve been kind of growing bored and not been able to go to work much. Now I’m really excited about this guidebook because it’s giving me some good work to do on myself, helping me feel better, and its been fun trying something new! When I build things I follow blueprints, and what Ellen has given me is like a blueprint to good health. There’s so much in this guide that, for someone like me who is new to all of this, it has really been a great help!” – Mark Trantham, July 2020