Juliette Dombkowski, LMBT.

Juliette Dombkowski discovered holistic health and bodywork after surviving cancer and it inspiring her to change her life. She attended the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, in Newington, CT graduating in 1997. In her continuing education she has also completed training in 2002 for Medical Massage certification in partnership with Hartford Hospital, in 2005 learning techniques for pain management and orthopedic massage for upper extremities, and in 2006 learning myofascial release therapy.

As Juliette continued in her new lease on life she felt drawn to purchase land here in the Appalachians, and so she did, where she now lives peacefully on a mountain top surrounded by her 20+ acres of woodland habitat, which she says she preserves for the sake of the flora and fauna whom share it with her. Despite the hermit homestead life, her greatest love is massage therapy and being able to help others to heal.

Juliette practices integrative massage, combining varied pressure with Swedish, trigger point, deep tissue, and myofascial therapies, and prenatal massage for expectant mothers, customizing it to her client’s needs. Each massage with Juliette can include the client’s optional choice of adding on complimentary aromatherapy oils and/or hot towels.

Massage Rates:

1st Visit = $45.00 for 1 hour or $75.00 for 90 minutes
All other visits = $60.00 for 1 hour or $90.00 for 90 minutes