Everyone should feel empowered when making decisions about their health, but we recognize that the staggering amount of information and options that exist today for the average consumer can become daunting.
To make your wellness journey easier for you we have curated a selection of products featuring only quality brands recognized for their integrity and commitments to efficacy, education and clinical research, environmental impact, materials sourcing and manufacturing.

We also believe in supporting local farmers and producers whose quality standards align with our own, so we are happy to feature locally grown and made products from the region.

Our staff is supremely knowledgeable about everything we provide in our shop so you will get personalized customer service as we work with you to ensure you get what is best for your needs.

Featured Supplement Brands: 

  • Charlotte’s Web and Hemp Fusion – Hemp Extract products.
  • Europharma (Terry Naturally) – High strength European clinical formulas.
  • Eclectic Institute – Specialty herbal products, freeze dried for high concentration, grain/allergy free extracts, and flavored tinctures.
  • Gaia Herbs – Strong liquid herbal pills, tinctures, and medicinal teas from a company just over the mountain in Brevard, NC.
  • Buried Treasure – Specializing in all food-based, liquid nutritional supplements, for ease of swallowing and absorption.
  • Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics – Dr. formulated specialty probiotic line made 100% from fermented vegetables.
  • Megafood – Farmer friendly, food-based supplements, Doctor supported and formulated. Offering easy to digest tablets as well as powdered formulas.
  • Host Defense – Medicinal mushroom formula utilizing all life cycle stages of the mushroom fungi, including the mycelium, primordia, fruiting body and spores. High potency and highly research backed brand, created by one of our country’s leading mycologists, Paul Stamets.
  • NutriGold – Family owned company producing vitamins and supplements 100% extracted from organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, all in easy to swallow capsules.
  • Aloe Life – Whole Leaf, highly concentrated, aloe vera juices (available in assorted flavors as well as herbal formulas) and topical skincare products.
  • Pure Essence Labs – Food based and laboratory research supported vitamins and supplements with superior absorption in powder and capsule forms.
  • SunWarrior – Plant based, nutrient dense sports nutrition products. Using fermentation techniques, raw food principles, and clean ingredients in all they produce.
  • Vital Planet’s Vital Flora – The queen of the probiotics world, Brenda Watson, has launched this new brand line, featured only in specialty health shops. High strength, high potency, high strain variety probiotics second to none.
  • Barlean’s – Delicious, quality, essential fatty acid oils, superfood blends and more. Barlean’s  is a family owned, Made-in-America, shining example of quality and freshness in the supplement industry.
  • Sunfood – Supplemental super food snacks and powders, suitable for many specialty diets such as raw, vegan, paleo, keto, gluten free and anyone seeking high density nutrition.

Featured Body Care/Beauty Products:

  • Evan Healy – Organic, farmer-friendly, and fair trade sourced beauty care products that are harmonizing herbal medicine for you skin.

Featured Local Products:

  • Carolina Hemp Company – Kingdom Harvest Extracts and Smokey’s Reserve Pre-rolls
  • Blue Ridge Hemp Company – CBD infused bath and body products
  • World Spirit Health – Herbal blend products
  • Blue Ridge Aromatics – Locally grown and distilled essential oils
  • Sea Willow Herbs – Wildcrafted herbal topicals
  • Serotonin Ferments – Probiotic foods
  • Fermenti – Probiotic foods
  • Shanti Elixirs – Probiotic rich herbal and fruit Jun beverages – (Jun is fermented green tea with honey)
  • Waynesville Soda Jerks – Unique flavors of herbal and fruit flavored sodas, hand crafted in Haywood County, featuring NC farmer grown ingredients.
  • Cultures For Health – Probiotic starter cultures and supplies for making all sorts of healthy fermented foods in your own home.
  • Warhorse – All natural, oil based, all purpose soaps for hands, body, pets, housecleaning etc… Made from oils produced from crops grown on small farms in the south.
  • Green River Botanicals – Hemp Extracts and smokeables from well established and long-time farmers over in Candler, North Carolina. These extracts are the strongest strength concentration of CBD out of all we carry and they come in a unique variety of flavors. 
  • Asheville Tea Company – Local Farmer supportive, hand crafted, loose leaf blends. Great hot or iced!