Universal Contourwrap

Original Inch-Loss and Detoxifying Body Wrap

Classic Body Wrap:
This world-famous classic body wrap has been a favorite for over 25 years due to its incredible instant inch loss results. It’s powerful inch loss results are thanks to the natural classic clay solution combined with specialist’s trained wrapping techniques.

The Process:

The Body Wrap is a full body treatment taking around 2 hours and is always performed by a trained specialist.

  1. Before the treatment, your specialist will measure you at particular points on the body.
  2. Bandage wraps which have been pre-soaked in the classic clay solution are then applied using specialist wrapping techniques.
  3. You then wear a Vinyl suit to keep warm while you relax for an hour and the treatment gets to work.
  4. After 60 minutes your bandages are removed, the specialist will re-measure to see your inch loss result. *Average loss is 6 inches but some even experience as much as 10 to 14 inch loss after their first wrap.
  5. To experience the fullest benefits of the classic body wrap, it is recommend clients do a course of 3 – 5 treatments taken at least 7-10 days apart.

How it Works:

The combination of unique natural classic clay solution and specialist body wrapping techniques are what make the wrap successful.  The clay solution draws out toxins whilst the wrapping technique actively compressing the soft fatty tissues. This creates an instant inch loss, and firming, body sculpting effect.

After your treatment, the clay solution remains in the pores of the skin and your inch loss can continue for 3 – 4 days. It is recommend during this time to wash only with tepid water, although this is optional.

This is not a water loss treatmentIn fact, it is recommend you drink water regularly after your treatment in order to enhance detoxification, flushing the toxins from your body.


Excellent draining properties for full body detox, skin clarification and purification.
Stimulates peripheral skin circulation, exfoliating and anti-inflammatory.
Valuable mineral salt permits cellular balance, combats stress and fluid retention, anti-bacterial properties.
Bacterium properties and anti–inflammatory.
Detoxifies tissues and tightens the skin.

Cost for a single wrap session: $

Classic wrap package deal: $